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The Social Outcast

A Muslim-owned woodfire smoked & charcoal grilled joint.

With a laissez-faire attitude, The Social Outcast (TSO) continues to shake up the food scene, shifting away from the traditional perception of Halal food. TSO’s signature dark art of food preparation was inspired by the exploration of wood-fire grilling and smoking techniques.

Bold, innovative, no boundaries, old-school, purist – we have left out a few other censored words but you get it.

The rebranding and relocation of TSO in The Grandstand reflect the coming together of two unorthodox artists in this new space. In the kitchen and in the overall presentation, two diametrically opposed personalities bring you an unforgettable dining experience that will capture your senses all in one.

The Outcast Chef, Mint’s obsession with fire and smoke, emphasises on providing high-quality food and imports most of his ingredients and kitchen equipment from overseas, including the Mibrasa Charcoal-Grilled Oven from Spain, Premium Beef & Lamb from Australia, Chipotle from Mexico and Unagi from Japan.

Any One Can Put The Heat To The Meat, But Only A Few Can Smoked It.

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