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School of Mathcraft

Mathcraft – the practice of math, and how to learn and use it joyfully.

From serendipitous learning to deliberate practice, School Of Mathcraft offers programmes to engage high-ability learners and inspire them to push the envelope.

Combining top expertise in math and pedagogy, our dedicated teachers have coached many winners in various competitions. The long-term interaction with these students allows us to model their excellence and create learning techniques that blur the lines between nature and nurture. We pride ourselves on not just teaching math, but also on teaching a child how to learn math.

In the beginning, we treat our students like tourists – showing them what is fun and amusing about math, while bridging their gaps in ability. But in time and with experience, as they learn beyond those “touristy things”, we will also show them how math, like any craft, can be deeply rewarding when honed with passion and dedication.

  • 8127 3588
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