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“Art originates from life, in which all of life is practice” Mr Jiang , founder of Clayable, is very devoted to tea appreciation. Besides tea, he also expresses immense interest in clay pottery-making. Mr Jiang coincidentally came across clay pottery-making. A trendy form of art and a way to enjoy quality life, one can create useful crockery with a personal touch while having fun in the handcrafting process. To enjoy pottery-making while honing one’s craft is truly filling two needs with one deed. In the comfortable and cozy environment of Clayable, one can distant away from the busy city life and instead interact with clay, enjoying nature at its finest. Moreover, pottery-making also aids in self-cultivation. It’s also a child’s inherent nature to play with clay. Pottery-making can bring children great joy and improve their hands-on ability. Children will definitely experience a confidence boost upon seeing their masterpieces eventually turning into meaningful crockery upon glazing and colouring. Not only does the participation of parents in pottery-making enhance the sense of security of children, it also strengthens family bonds. Clayable’s pottery-making is categorized into parts, such as jiggering and jolleying, moulding and decorating. One can choose to create any kind of crockery, such as a customized plate, or a small vase. Wait no more and experience clay pottery-making today!

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