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KiZroo Kindergarten

Kizroo Kindergarten is a pre-school to provide the Japanese children with Japanese and English Education. In Kizroo, our aim is to nurture Creativity from the `3 imaginations’. The Imagination to understand other people’s feelings: To Acknowledge that they themselves are important individuals and so are their peers. We will nurture this ‘imagination’ for the children to consider how their behaviors and words can affect their friends. The 3-D imagination: Here, we provide children with cooking lessons, play time with wood, paper, sand, clay and blocks. We will equip them with 3-dimentional imaginations.The imagination to recognize change over time: By experiencing and observing the change of time from short term to long term, we will guide them to gain the ability to imagine the change of time. We will nurture these `3 imaginations` in order to nurture their creativity to create something totally new. It is important for a child to be loved. While the child receives love, it is also important for the child to reciprocate by loving those around him/her. Thus a circulation of love, by giving and taking is necessary. Taking care of pets and growing plants are ways for a child to nurture this love in a more natural way. By doing this with teachers, they also develop a helping mentality. They learn to help teachers and also the other friends who need a lending hand. The happiness that they receive in helping and showing love will give them a mental growth. What matters the most is for the children to feel that they are loved and for them to learn to be confident about themselves.

  • 6466 7011
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